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What if traditional barriers to entry into Venture Capital did not exist?

The barrier to entry for anyone starting a company for their idea has decreased a 1000x.

Let's do the same for VC.

At VC101, we think that anybody curious about investing in startups should get the opportunity to explore the world of Venture Capital.

That's why we're launching VC101 Venture Teams. A distributed network of locally run venture groups to discover startup talent.

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VC101 events to connect the
startup and venture community


All upcoming events will be listed here.


September 2018 VC101 Gurugram at WeWork Bristol Chowk.

August 2018 VC101 Bengaluru at WeWork Galaxy.

April 2018 VC101 @ ANU at The Australian National University.

December 2017 SoGal Sydney Women In Investing at Haymarket HQ.


August 2018 VC101 Mumbai at WeWork BKC.

February 2018 SoGal Sydney Women in Investing at OneVentures.

August 2017 VC101 Q&A with VCs at TechSydney.

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FAQs: Get the low down on all things VC101.

What is VC101?

Begun in 2017 and based in Sydney, Australia; VC101 is an organisation on a mission to open up the world of Venture Capital. We’ve worked on a myriad of initiatives towards our goal including giving work experience at investment firms, hosting live events at startup hubs and universities, creating free resources like our VC101 online course and heaps more!

Here are some of our partners from those initiatives:

Internships: OneVentures, IAG Firemark Ventures, Investible, Catapult, UBER, DropBox, Atlassian, BlueChilli, SheStarts, StartCon + more.

VC101 events: Blackbird Ventures, TechSydney, Entry29, The Australian National University, ANU Connect Ventures.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is the money invested in startups. The people who deploy this capital are Venture Capitalists (VCs).

You can read more about Venture Capital in this article by Scott Kupor from Andreessen Horowitz.

How do Venture Teams work?

Let's breakdown the role VCs play in a startup's journey. There's the pre-investment job with tasks such as finding companies to invest. Listening to pitches, reading pitch decks and meeting founders. This part is known as deal flow. Then there's all the tasks related to post-investment such as helping founders and portfolio companies with legal, financial and business of making a startup succeed.

So, what will you get to do? You'll start out with deal sourcing then get to work with startups and founders. Some of the best places to build your deal flow are co-working spaces, accelerators and university entrepreneurship programs. Also, don't be afraid to just reach out to a founder whose company you think is doing incredible work. You'll also get to help founders and companies directly with marketing, user testing, social media, early adoption and growth.

Do I need a finance degree, business background or startup experience?

Nope, and that’s the best part!
If you do want a more structured learning experience, you can take the VC101 online course as well as checking out interviews with leading VCs on our YouTube channel.

Is it free to join VC101 Venture Teams?

Yup! 100%.

How can you get involved?

Sign up from our homepage. We’ll get back to you with next steps.

Why should you join VC101 Venture Teams?

Breaking into VC or getting an internship at a VC firm is hard to come by.

By joining VC101 Venture Teams you'll get the opportunity to work on practical, real-world VC tasks to help launch your career or interest in VC.

How much time should you spend on Venture Teams?

It's completely self-paced! You can work on your VC experience all in your own time. Plus, it gives you that reason you need to attend startup events you otherwise would have missed. Think of it as your first internship in Venture Capital. Remember to get the most out of this experience, the effort you put in will result in the value you get out of being a part of Venture Teams.

Still curious?

If you've got questions for us, reach out. Get in touch with us here. To get started, sign up.

Resources: VC101 Online Course

Startup funding explainer video.

From TechCrunch, a case study of a startup going through financing rounds.

From DiversityVC, a blog post of resources on Venture Capital.

AngelList repository of startups.

Crunchbase search tool to find startups

PitchBook: news and insights in VC.

How VCs screen deals.

CB Insights Market Map Maker.

CB Insights report on trends.

Application of machine learning to VC investing.

Here’s what VC101 interns got to do during their internship:

Spend the day at a VC portfolio company
Mentoring session with Rayn Ong
StartCon festival tickets
Visit BlueChilli and SheStarts accelerator
Visit UBER, Dropbox and Atlassian
Access VC101 online course

VC101 ran an internship programme in 2017 at OneVentures, Investible, IAG Firemark Ventures and Catapult. Our sponsors included BlueChilli, UBER, DropBox, Atlassian and StartCon.